12-15-15. Her story.




She comes to you. A past life coming to its tragic end. You are kind to her, care for her, show her the potential for a story unlike one she’s ever told. Frightened by such feelings not even I saw coming, he sneaks her into the darkness. What was once familiar now becomes distant as the letters of fate start writing its own pages. Her name will be the last to leave his lips, but a name that maybe never should have crossed them in the first place. A noble man promised to one, but with secret thoughts stolen by another. A hidden conversation heard by no one else, spoken only through a glance unbreakable. They seek solace in each other. But this story, her story, is left without an ending.

Photography by Ashley Nicole

Makeup and Hair by Britt Sharenow

Custom Floral Crown by Grace Moody of Eco Chic Blossoms

12-15-15. Her story.