12-28-15. Vanishing.

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You spoke to my soul and I breathed in every word like it was oxygen that without it I would die. I drank you like you were the cure when maybe you were my poison. Try as I might to keep you out, you broke in to my heart and changed everything. I gave you the one thing I had that could destroy me. And you, my friend, are the person that can leave me broken. I know you feel it too. Silently aching for my touch, for my soul to again connect with yours as you pretend that you can live without us. I run away to my dreams for there is where we can be together.

Longing for her, every part of him desperately wanting to pull her closer as he continues to push her away in an effort to be a good man, he too runs to his dreams. Never able to fully give her up, his heart leads him to the place where they are to meet again. He opens his eyes in a world that houses every truth he can’t run from, to see her standing there illuminated by the stars they once stood under together. As hard as he tries, he can’t escape what he always knew. His need to be with her, to make her his and no one else’s, he is desperate to reach her. But she is slowly vanishing before his eyes. Her heart beat, that once matched his, grows softer as he watches his happiness slip away.

Photography by Ashley Nicole



12-28-15. Vanishing.

12-17-15. Dark love.

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The sunset darkens. It feels so right he can’t help but welcome the starry night. A night unlike any, it offers a dream that leaves him breathless as the darkness surrounds his body. For at night is where they can be together. A special friendship stealing moments alone as time stands still. It is just the two of us. The silence is loud as their eyes meet saying what words can not, what he never would. Until. ‘For every star is how much I love you’, he says to her.

Photography by Ashley Nicole

Makeup and Hair by Britt Sharenow

Custom Floral Crown by Grace Moody of Eco Chic Blossoms

12-17-15. Dark love.

12-15-15. Her story.




She comes to you. A past life coming to its tragic end. You are kind to her, care for her, show her the potential for a story unlike one she’s ever told. Frightened by such feelings not even I saw coming, he sneaks her into the darkness. What was once familiar now becomes distant as the letters of fate start writing its own pages. Her name will be the last to leave his lips, but a name that maybe never should have crossed them in the first place. A noble man promised to one, but with secret thoughts stolen by another. A hidden conversation heard by no one else, spoken only through a glance unbreakable. They seek solace in each other. But this story, her story, is left without an ending.

Photography by Ashley Nicole

Makeup and Hair by Britt Sharenow

Custom Floral Crown by Grace Moody of Eco Chic Blossoms

12-15-15. Her story.

smooth criminal






Makeup and Photography by Ashley Nicole

Happy Valentine’s Day from us at Marie Nicole! May your day be filled with so much love and happiness. As you may have already noticed, Ashley and I like to do things a little more untraditionally. While everyone is sporting red and pink, we are rocking brown and black, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. This year, my talented twin, and Valentine’s day date, has once again worked her makeup magic. She styled two beautiful looks to curb the chocolate craving. From delicate milk chocolate to dark raspberry filled decadence, she has you covered. For a step by step tutorial on these gorgeously delicious looks, check out our contributing article for STYLE magazine at http://www.carolinastylemag.com

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smooth criminal

gorgeously ‘dirty’










Photography, makeup, and creative concept by Ashley Nicole

As you may see, this post is a little different than usual. For this article I gave my sister free range to explore her creative side and create a concept all her own. My twin is notorious for doing things her own way and I love that she is not afraid to push the boundaries to create something strangely beautiful. The other night it just hit her…she wanted to create a look that focuses on imprecision to the point of an almost messy grunge. Smudging and removing any remnants of a once precise line is how she achieved this gorgeously ‘dirty’ look. To really dramatize this look we played with nature using the element of dirt to show that there can be beauty in the things we don’t always expect.

I am happy to say, that this type of article is only the first of many. My  twin has been unleashed and she is consistently coming up with new and exciting looks that I can barely keep up. So stay updated on both the blog and our YouTube channel because there will be some cool behind the scenes productions to accompany some of our articles.

On a personal note, you may remember me mentioning in my previous article that I had an exciting meeting this past weekend, and I am thrilled to say…it was a success! Now that things are finally in motion, I feel that I am ready to fill everyone in on the project my sister and I have been working for. I have been booked as a runway model to walk in an annual fashion week, Wilmington Fashion Week 2015 to be exact. Words can’t describe the joy I felt when I received confirmation that they wanted me to walk in their show. It is an amazing feeling of accomplishment that you really can’t put into words. Never give up on anything that you want in life.

xoxo – Heather Marie

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gorgeously ‘dirty’