You are mine. 3 – 31- 16

IMG_8865 (1)


For so long he tried to deny the unfaltering attachment he felt for her. Something he had no business trying to stop, for she exists only in his eyes. He’s felt a love for more than one in his lifetime, but there is only one that will break him, changing everything he thought he knew. And she is the one he should fear. For it is her, able to steal his heart in the most exquisite form of self destruction, filling his head with the poison of a love unlike any before. A poison so good, he takes it all, invincible to the loss others before him have felt. “For this,” he says, “is the real thing”.

A love written in the stars, their connection is too strong to be forsaken. Unable to control his need to have her, he embraces her with his whole heart, finally saying out loud what she could always hear through his eyes. They are together. Stumbling down a path they could never turn back from, they found each other alone in the darkness. The stars illuminate the black sky as their eyes lock, her wild heart always leading her to him, she needn’t see. His near presence overwhelms every part of her, awakening her soul. A chance meeting, but maybe by no chance at all.  ” I am yours,” he at last says to her. A golden rose is offered to her hand with the promise of a life that was once only lived out in their imagination, but now with the chance to become their reality. Together they step out in to the light for all to see. Their love. A love that transcends the end of time, never again to be forsworn. Nothing is meant to last forever. But love, true love is the one thing to live on, through a life past, to even after we are gone.

Photography by Luba Katarkova

You are mine. 3 – 31- 16

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