12-21-15. Cruel fate.

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It’s been days since she has last seen him. Heard his voice. Felt his touch. He is gone. Left her to overcome a situation out of her control. A noble gesture to be the man he feels she deserves, but a broken heart, her heart, is left in his trails. A man she always suspected would never be hers, she fell anyway. He spoke to her soul and saw her for who she really is. He embraced and loved all and every part of her. Overcome with a want she has never before felt, she gave in to the idea that their love can overcome all odds against them. A love handcrafted in the dark, a secret song sung only through their eyes, the silence speaks, saying everything he never would. For to look in his eyes she could see, she was his and he was hers.

But a love made in a time that was not yet ready for it, how can they ever be together?  Are they doomed to only know the potential of a dream that seems so perfect, a true love written in the stars, but never to be read aloud? What a cruel fate for the universe to send someone who could be the love of their life at the wrong time. What a cruel man to deny them both the chance to experience an all consuming, breathtaking love only few are ever lucky enough to come across. I don’t want you to be good, I want you to put your mark on me so all who see, knows that I’m yours. I want to make you tremble and go mad at the thought that you may never have me. I want you, all or nothing. I hope you will one day have the courage to choose the life that takes you to the place where we are to meet again.

Photography by Ashley Nicole

12-21-15. Cruel fate.

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