12 – 14 – 15. One heart.




Nobody really knows what it is that they want. The future is as present as it is unknown. Every choice we make, every person we share stolen moments with, everything happening right now is creating something you may not even realize. I believe there is not just one future, but many, and all with the equal chance of life. Every memory you create has a future all its own. With so many choices and possibilities comes one fate that not even you can predict. You think you know what you want, but then one day, you look in her eyes and see something you never even knew you were looking for. I am going to be the one to dismantle everything you thought you knew, everything you thought you could live without. And it won’t be until it is right in front of you, walking away, that you see what it is you have always wanted. And just like that, everything you thought is no longer. She came in to your life and showed you what seems like a dream, something you never want to wake up from. Every stolen look is its own conversation, saying what you cannot say yourself. In those moments, the silence is loud and only heard by the two of you. Fate is now offering the potential for two like souls to maybe find true love together. But with three hearts all beating, craving to experience that one feeling only really shared by two and the butterflies, one heart will have to break.

12 – 14 – 15. One heart.

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