Photography by Ashley Nicole

I am writing to you today from the beautiful state of mountainy Colorado. What a change it is from the sandy shores of South Carolina, but both places are so inspiring and breath taking in their own unique way. Ashley Nicole and I both share the passion to travel. In fact, you can’t really keep us in one place for very long. We are hooked; and without our fix for something new, we can’t go on. Our trip to Colorado started off a bit rocky. With two destinations booked in one short week, we had to fit a lot of experience in to a very short time period. Our first day in Denver consisted of countless internet sites for carless lodging, two different hotels, and eventually a stroll through the vibrant and authentic streets of Downtown Denver, a place full of personality and life. It is always a good time in the city, especially when there is something new around every corner. If you want experience, take a walk through any and all cities. It will not disappoint. But like most free spirits and travel junkies, we also crave the complete 180.

So yesterday we travelled from the city to the Mountains and saw something so breath-takingly beautiful, you will have to see it to believe it. Vail, you truly are a heavenly place. The trip to get here however, was a little more due south. We woke up with the intentions of taking our first ride on the Greyhound bus lines, but were quickly caught in a road block when every seat turned out to be taken. The bus was full and we were not on it. So there we were, stuck in a bus station, suitcases in hand and no where to go. But nothing will keep us from our next experience. We found a way and it turned out working better than we could have expected. For without this small bump in our plans, we would not have gotten to experience the historic tour of the mountains and the mines or our first coffee stop at a local hole in the wall comfortably placed in the midst of a mountain. We have a few days left as city girls in the mountains, and rest assured, we do not plan to waste any of it. If I have learned anything so far, I would have to say that it is that there is no such thing as a wrong turn. Wherever you end up, is where you are meant to be, embrace it.

xoxo – Heather Marie


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