Creative Director | Stylist | Photographer – Ashley Nicole

Lately I have been fascinated by the free spirited, wanderlust attitude of the bohemian life. There is so much appeal in this adventure seeking way of life that it is almost impossible to resist its allure. And why would you? This gypsy life is all about creative freedom and the motivation to be who you are and to do what you love without fear. I have always happily fallen prey to the notion that wandering and endless curiosity is good for the soul. Our job is to embrace the journey and whole heartedly open yourself up to the adventure that awaits. Most are lucky enough to go through this journey with people who share your lust for change and experience and I am fortunate enough to go through this wandering life with my twin sister and edgy gypsy soul.  I love how she always adds an air of confident edge to every concept we create.

Lust, need, want, possession… Life brings many desires and the mysteries of the unknown has an attraction difficult to deny. But with need and want, can often come the weight of potential failure. Of course most say, and often believe, that failure is not an option; but dare I ask, is it? When something evokes such a passion that comes from deep within, a passion spoken from the soul, the possibility of failure is not far behind for you now have more to lose. Maybe that is the appeal. Much like the stereotypical attraction a girl has for the bad boy apprehensive of commitment, we are also attracted to the need to possess the one thing hardest to attain, the achievement of your dream. After all, if it was easy and if it was predictable, would we want it? We seek the excitement and the suspense and we thrive when the going gets tough. That small glimmer of potential failure is the motivation and the appeal that keeps you interested. We cannot be afraid if we fall prey to the mysterious, seven letter word because maybe instead of failing, we are simply changing course. If one has the courage to claim their dreams and open themselves up to the risk of ‘failing’ then I believe you cannot fail. But then comes the question, how far are you willing to go…how much are you willing to compromise in your journey to achievement?

xoxo – Heather Marie


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