your majesty










| Photography by Ashley Nicole |

Time keeps moving us on and everyday I am getting closer and closer to accomplishing my goals and reaching my dreams. My main project at the moment is preparing for my first runway show. It is still surreal to think that in one month, four short weeks, I will be walking front and center wearing gorgeous designs from bathing suits to bold apparel.This is such an amazing opportunity and I plan to take full advantage. And this is only the start. Many things are going to happen in 2015 and I am more motivated and inspired than ever. I am so thankful to be on this journey with my best friend, my other half, my twin. Together we stand…divided we fall.

When I crossed the state boarder to begin my life on the coast, I imagined nothing but heat filled, salty aired, sunny days. You can imagine my surprise when winter hit and it got so cold I barely wanted to leave the house. Then I thought…this is perfect! I can finally showcase my love for faux fur! Vests, coats, even scarves, I love them all. I recently purchased this coat fit for royalty from ASOS and I am in love. It really does have an air of  majesty, wouldn’t you say? When I styled this outfit, I was going for a more casual, earthy feel to match my salty haired, beach wave locks and my favorite distressed jeans were just the right pairing.

xoxo – Heather Marie

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your majesty

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