what lies tomorrow










| Photography by Ashley Nicole |

As the weekend approaches, I couldn’t be more excited. My weekend is happily and gratefully booked up with potential career changing, even life changing opportunities and I am thrilled. Don’t get me wrong, it is some pressure to know that with just two days, my life could hopefully change for the better and I may be lucky enough to experience something so new and so wonderful, and as nerve-wrecking as it may be, I would not change it for the world. It is a great feeling to see so much hard work and dedication finally lead in to something that a year ago I never would have thought would even be a possibility. I have been keeping these projects close to my heart for some time now and if all goes well, I can’t wait to reveal what Ashley and I have been working so hard for. But I am getting ahead of myself, stay tuned!

This structured style blazer vest has been a part of my wardrobe for a little while now and I wish that I brought it out more often. It always makes me feel like I walked right off the runway and hit the streets in style; but today I wanted to add a more casual twist with a vintage pair of high-waisted denim shorts.This broad shouldered blazer can often feel a bit masculine, so I also wanted to add some femininity by tastefully opening the blouse so just enough of Victoria’s Secret can seductively peek through. And I love to embellish deep necklines by layering my favorite gold layered necklaces.

xoxo – Heather Marie

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what lies tomorrow

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