Here’s to the single gals

Black Lace and Red Lips. Happy Valentines Day Sweethearts!
It’s the day of love and romantic dates. So what does this mean for those of us who are not in love? Well, for us Valentine’s day is about celebrating the love we share with our loved one’s, our family! This day may bring your single relationship status to life, but that does not have to be a bad thing. Love is a wonderful and beautiful thing that happens randomly, inconveniently, and at anytime. “Love is the thing you know”, and it will happen at a time when you least expect it and it will make you forget about all the years of single Valentine’s days. You do have a boyfriend, he just resides in the future! Until your two worlds come together and you are able to use this day to celebrate the love you two share for each other, – even though your love is something that should be celebrated every day – use this day as an excuse for a girls night out or for a day in with your family. As for the lace and the smoldering red lips, there is no reason not to be a sexy single gal! Feeling confident and sexy is not just for your man, it is for you too! So here’s to all us single gals!
Much Love and Till Next Time.
xoxo – Heather Marie 

Here’s to the single gals

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