Happy Halloween Loves!

The month of candy and pumpkin flavored treats is reeking terror on us all and if we are not careful, like a ghost, the impact of this “candy holiday” can continue to haunt us. Are you scared? Don’t be! We are here to provide you with a few tricks and tips to survive this thrilling, candy filled holiday.
It is hard to believe that on All Hallow’s Eve, there is more to fear than ghouls, goblins, and ghosts. To overindulge in sugar and candy can lead to undesirable effects on your health. Giving in to this temptation can increase your risk of cavities, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and weight gain. Oh my!
Now before you decide to cut out treats altogether, you should know that it is okay to enjoy some of the guilty, chocolate-covered pleasures that accompany this holiday. In fact, we encourage you to treat yourself to the goodies of Halloween, but the trick is to not overdo it. So trick-or-treat! Get your pumpkin baskets ready because our treat to you is our healthy tricks to survive this holiday of terror!

Trick 1: Out of Sight, Out of Mind”
We don’t know about you guys, but if there are any sweets in our house, we will eat them until there is nothing left for the trick-or-treaters. So our tip to you is to not buy any candy or desserts until the night before, or even the day of.
Trick 2: Healthy Tummy, Happy Waistline”
Our next tip is to eat a healthy, but delicious meal before any Halloween festivities. This will help you to ward off, what we like to call, the devil’s food luring you to the dark side. However, like we said, feel free to enjoy the monster claws and the eyeball cookies, but remember to practice moderation and portion control. Your waistline will thank you later!
Trick 3: Beware the Masquerading Munchies”
We don’t know if you guys know this, but we are not the only ones in costume on Halloween. Foods such as chocolate-covered raisin/pretzels are similar to a child in a white sheet masquerading as a ghost. On the outside they appear to be one thing, but is that really what they are? Chocolate-covered treats give the illusion that they are a healthy option, but this is simply a costume. The only thing chocolate did was add unnecessary calories. So beware, for things are not always as they appear. Boo!
Trick 4: “Size does Matter”
Our last tip to you is portion control. Leave your pillow cases on the bed! No one needs a pillow case full of candy, so grab yourself a smaller pumpkin bucket if trick-or-treating is on your Halloween to-do list.
 This candle really has nothing to do with our healthy tricks, but it sure does smell good! 🙂 Now back to the post:
You are now ready to go forth and show Halloween who is really to fear! Happy Halloween Loves!
Till next time!  


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