"Fall" into High-Waisted Shorts

Hello Loves and Hello Fall!

The season of falling leaves and pumpkin flavored coffee is finally upon us and we could not be more thrilled! The time to start pulling out your scarves and dusting off your sweaters is fast approaching, but is not quite here yet. So for today’s post, we wanted to show you how we would put a fall spin on summer’s high-waisted shorts.

 How cute is the tiger on the back pocket of these light wash, destroyed high-waisted shorts?
High-Waisted Shorts – Know Style / Tank Crop Top – Brandy Melville / Plaid Button Down – American Eagle (men’s department) / Combat Boots – Payless Shoes
Plaid and fall go together like candy and Halloween! So it only seemed fitting to incorporate, what I like to call, a “boyfriend plaid” button down to this otherwise summer look . If you find yourself feeling completely lost on how to add fall to your still summer wardrobe just remember, you can never go wrong with an oversized button down!
On my feet I am wearing brown combat boots, which give this outfit a “soft grunge” feel. Grunge is often characterized by combat boots and oversized plaid, but by using a pale blue color scheme and a more light brown boot, I achieved a softer version of grunge chic. Now I will let Ashley show you another way to transform summer’s most popular shorts to fall.

High-Waisted Shorts – Know Style / “Sly” Sweater – Hollister / Beanie – Forever 21 / Boots – Shii
When I (Ashley) think fall, I think sweater weather. However, since I’d classify today as “pre-fall” weather, I chose to wear a light, over-the-shoulder sweater to complement my favorite high-waisted shorts. For an even more fall touch, my off-white, wool beanie was the perfect accessory! Want to know a secret about beanies? They give the illusion that you’re having a rocking hair day, when in reality, you may just be trying to tame a hot mess. Pretty cool, huh? 🙂

These collared fur boots just scream fall and the heel adds a perfect hint of glam! So you can see why these shoes were the perfect choice to aid in my transformation from summer to fall!

We hope this inspires you to play around with your wardrobe and “fall” into the fashions of this amazing season!

Till next time! 🙂 (:


"Fall" into High-Waisted Shorts

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