Decades of Denim

Bonjour fellow fashionistas! We are dedicating todays post to an often forgotten, classic fashion piece. For decades this simple denim jacket has rocked the fashion world – evolving through each generation. Yes, at times it may have been forgotten, but it has never truly been gone. Now it has reemerged in the ever-changing world that is fashion, and we could not be happier! 
We don’t know if you guys know this, but by simply adding this vintage style jacket, it can completely change the look of your current outfit. And we are going to show you how!!


This is a jacket that I (Heather) have been wanting for a long time! I was so happy when I finally spotted this “boyfriend” style denim jacket at Forever 21. I was actually surprised to see that there was an entire section  dedicated to denim! That right there shows how this “back in the day” piece has made its reappearance into today’s fashion. When you think of denim jackets, this is the kind of style your mind will most likely revert to, for it is almost as if I went back in time and snagged it from the ’80s. Underneath I am wearing a classic white button down paired with a black skater skirt which I also got from Forever 21. This is my favorite type of denim jacket and I love the way it transforms this sophisticated black and white outfit and gives it personality and flare. 
 In terms of footwear, I chose these skinny strap heels, at least that is what I call them (haha), from DSW to pull this whole outfit together.  Now I will let Ashley show you how to style a more modern day denim jacket!
For my look, I (Ashley) went for what I like to call, “edgy chic.” In todays fashion, most styles have been taking on a more edgy, punk influence, which is actually something that I have really been loving! This particular denim jacket is also from Forever 21. This whole outfit is actually from forever 21, a happy coincidence haha 🙂 I love the way the leather sleeves give it that rebel look we all sometimes desire. Underneath I am wearing a “normal is boring” crop top. I feel the sentiment of this top paired quite well with the faux leather sleeved denim jacket, given that it is not the familiar look typically seen in denim coats. I matched the leather from the sleeves with a leather trimmed black skater skirt. To bring the outfit home I accessorized with what I call a mini Celine over the shoulder clutch. It adds a hint of class to this otherwise alternative look.
 Now lets not forget about footwear!
Being that it is now Fall, I chose these black heeled booties with a gold buckle along the ankle strap from DSW. 
We hope this post inspired you lovely fashionistas to either pull your denim jacket out of your closet or go out and get your first one!!
 Till next time! 🙂 (: 
Decades of Denim

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